Is this really happening?

Actually yes, believe it or not, your actually getting married, therefore congratulations to you. Now we must  If in case this is not marriage related then most certainly a big project is coming up needing creative input therefore lets do this. 

How much do you cost?

Well, my mother says I'm priceless, but fortunately my services are not. Each and every event needing coverage is different depending on what kind of story needs to be told. Let's chat and we can work out a superb budget for you. 

Do you guys travel?

Yes actually we do! All over the world in fact, but you'll have to get us there and give us a place to sleep. 

do you offer same day edits? 

Of course we offer this service, I would recommend adding a pre-wedding shoot, bringing together a full cinematic story on the day of the wedding/reception. I try my best to make the couple and their respective families as comfortable as possible to really capture the real moments first hand.  I realize having paparazzi follow you hours on end, isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea. 

How long are your films?

Well let me ask you this, how long's your wedding? It ranges, sometimes weddings are a week long, sometimes 2 hours. In any case the true essence of the wedding is presented via cinematic trailer which ranges anywhere from 4 min to 30 min, it all depends on whats happening on those days. The full feature typically does not cross 90 minutes. 

Can you make me a Cinematic memory even if I'm not getting married?

Life is composed of various stages, marriage is one of the milestones. Babies are born, they grow, go to school, learn, graduate, with these social interactions, family/friend relations are developed, its a series of unlimited networking that unfolds over time.

Capturing these moments, only to be reminisced later in life is priceless.  

How much in advance do we need to book you?

Good question, ideally as soon as you find out your getting married, and the dates are confirmed. Otherwise typically, clients book close to 5-7 months in advanced.