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My parents were awesome enough to name me after Aladdin, or Prince Ali as kids used to call me in 4th grade.  Hi, I'm Ali, the nice guy. I'm absolutely thrilled to have you here. I'm half doctor, half creative, simple guy with a complex vision. Several words people describe me as; kind, optimistic, goal oriented, modern, ambitious, and random. Growing up, I've always been more of an observer, & listener. I enjoy, hanging out, laughter, and just having a good time (having a camera onsite to capture it). Oh and I'm currently a foodie, we'll see what the doctors say. 

How does one go from graduating medical school to starting a production company? Innate passion for the visual arts, I guess. From weddings, documentaries, to film making, this field has endless possibilities. I currently have a little over 300 wedding events under my belt (PhD status). The camera is my brush to witnessing moments & painting timeless memories. I look forward to being your storyteller. 

You don’t meet anyone accidentally, there’s always a reason behind it.
— internet